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Green Zone Fitness is a state-of-the-art training facility catering to the needs of all fitness levels. We offer something for everyone, from a large selection of traditional weights and cardio equipment to dedicated boxing and functional training zones. You can find our gyms in the north of Perth; one in Warwick, and the other in Joondalup. We pride ourselves on achieving real results for every single member by providing the support and assistance to help you achieve your goals.

Crèche and More – Inside Our Club!

Green Zone Fitness is packed with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. We offer something for everyone, including personal training, group fitness, boxing circuits, cardio, weights, and even a crèche for your kids!  Our highly qualified personal training experts and gym staff will keep you motivated to smash your fitness goals!

Gym Membership Options

Green Zone Fitness has a range of membership options to suit every fitness goal and budget.

Read through each of our packages below or check out our timetables to see what we offer.


Take Control of Your Fitness with Green Zone.

If you’re searching for the best state-of-the-art training facility in Western Australia that provides 24/7 access, be sure to head over to Green Zone to experience the health and fitness benefits of becoming a member. Get in the Zone at our Green Zone gyms in Perth.

Do you have fitness goals? As a Green Zone member, let our personal trainers help you achieve them. First, we’ll ask you as a member to fill out a form or two and provide some details about your health and routine to help us more clearly understand all your fitness objectives and any limitations we should know. (You can rest assured that our privacy policy will keep your personal details safe.)


Our dedicated staff will then work with you to create personalised fitness and gym training contracts to help you reach your mark and access your goals. Together, we’ll work with you to achieve those results in no time. You’ll have access to the facility 24/7, while our staffed hours are every day but Sundays.

Our personal trainers understand your commitment to fitness. Results aren’t optional; they’re everything. Our staff works to thoughtfully increase your personal training challenges so that you’re always making progress.

For more details on personal training or to ask us something specific about being a member, please contact us through our online form or leave us a message via email. You can also follow us on social media.


After a long day at the gym, nothing is better than unwinding with a relaxing shower. At Green Zone, we have four on-site showers and four unisex toilets for your convenience as a member. The pristine facilities give you the chance to refresh and recharge before tackling the rest of your day.

Sign up with one of our member contracts, and you’ll also get access to the industry’s best minds. Our talented fitness gurus know what it takes to get each client fit fast. After you pay your membership fees, as a member, you can join as many class sessions as you would like. Classes include boxing, yoga, pilates, and a range of aerobic and muscle-building sessions, most all held during staffed hours.


Take your total body training to the next level with our 12-Round Circuit. The high-intensity group workouts pair you with knowledgeable trainers and motivated training partners. The classes, free with a membership, combine weight training, conditioning, and cardio with new boxing rounds that start every three minutes.

Are you looking for something a little less intense? We have you covered! Our Hit-Out class provides clients with conditioning-oriented sessions. It blends boxing technique and movements, so you gain power, endurance, fitness, and experience.


Our group programs in Perth come from the best and brightest minds in Australia. We are here to test your limits through small group training so that you can achieve more than you thought possible. Our state-of-the-art gym provides each member with all the motivation, community, and environment you would want in a gym membership–and more!

We offer a wide range of fitness classes, including yoga, strength training, and core workouts. Get access to an exclusive club of members who care about fitness as much as you do. Sign up for a day pass, and visit free during staffed hours to see if the group experience is right for you. If you join, remember that you will have 24/7 access to the gym and can participate in sessions at no extra charge as a member.

Please contact us by filling out the form on our webpage. You can also telephone or email for more information.


Getting to the gym is tough when you have young children. At Green Zone, we offer a gym crèche with staffed hours from Monday to Saturday. You can drop your kids off before your workout, and our qualified professional will take care of the rest. Our fun and convenient gym crèche makes it easy to get the training you need, regardless of your membership or lifestyle.

If a gym crèche sounds too good to be true, we have a surprise for you. You can try out our Green Zone Gyms for free. All you have to do is sign up for our 3-day guest pass online and access our gyms, group sessions, and crèche at your convenience before becoming a member.



Joining a gym gives you the best chance of getting fit. The membership provides access to all the equipment, coaches, and training groups you’ll need for one low monthly fee. You’ll also get to form connections with other people who have similar interests and goals.


There are plenty of gyms in Perth and fitness clubs from which to choose, so what sets one gym membership apart from the others? First and foremost, the club should meet your needs and provide access to clean exercise equipment, fitness groups, and friendly customer service.

Make sure to check out the fine print of the gym membership plan before signing up. The gym contracts and fees should all be within your budget, even if you add on additional services. Finally, you want to feel like you fit in the gym environment and club culture.


Everyone can benefit from a personal trainer, whether you want to lift weights or simply get in shape. At Green Zone, our staff helps members achieve results faster than they would on their own. Trainers provide the guidance, motivation, and nutrition coaching that most people need to hone their techniques and achieve their fitness goals.

Personal training involves developing strength and fitness and learning to use gym equipment properly to avoid sustaining injuries. Trainers also keep members accountable to make sure that they’re always chipping away toward their goal.


Doing a workout by yourself can be challenging. Give yourself the boost you need with a fitness group. The community-oriented collection of friends will provide the motivation you’ll need to achieve your lifestyle, fitness, and mental health objectives.

Group classes offer both sociability and training sessions. It’s easier to get through a rigorous fitness program having fun with a small group. You’ll also benefit from certified instructors whenever you sign up for Green Zone group fitness classes.


There are no hard and fast rules for how much you should exercise. Your exercise goals will depend on your health, fitness, and preferred physical activities. While running three hours a week would be ideal for everyone, it might not make sense if you have weak knees or don’t enjoy running.

According to The Mayo Clinic in the U.S., adults should perform at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week, such as swimming, cycling, and cardio workouts. An alternative would be 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity, such as running, cross-country skiing, and aerobic dance.


For more information about joining the Green Zone at one of our Western Australia locations, please contact us via our webpage, by telephone, or by email.

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