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Elevate Your Fitness with Green Zone Fitness Gyms, Joondalup

If you want a fitness breakthrough, you will need a personal trainer. A dedicated coach who knows your name can provide the guidance and information that you need to achieve your dreams. If you’re at our Joondalup gym, partner with a Green Zone Fitness trainer to start seeing more significant and better results in no time! If you’ve wondered which gyms in Joondalup have the right personal trainers for you, look no further.

Personal Trainers, Joondalup

Our staff will work with you to create a customised fitness plan that combines your fitness goals with the latest science. As we support your unique objectives, interests, and lifestyle, our trainers will continuously update your regimen to ensure that you never plateau en route to your physical fitness breakthrough. In addition to your training sessions, you may visit the gym 24/7 to get your workouts in.

Joondalup Boxing Circuit

With so many Joondalup Gyms to choose from, what sets Green Zone apart? Our Boxing Circuit, of course! Go from contender to champion with the Green Zone boxing circuit! Our high-intensity classes will transform you into a one-of-a-kind fighting machine. Our 12-Round Circuit combines strength, conditioning, and cardio for a full-body workout that is as tough as you are.

Find out what it means to take boxing classes the Green Zone way. Our state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated trainers will work with you to hone your skills to help you become the best version of yourself. We have new rounds every three minutes, so you can embrace the challenge whenever you visit.

Gym Crèche, Joondalup

Our Joondalup gym considers your needs beyond the choices of equipment we put in the weight room and classes. We offer a crèche for parents with young children between Monday and Saturday. Our complimentary crèche lets you get in a full workout, while our trained professionals entertain and supervise your kids.

Drop your children off before you hit the gym equipment or classes. We’ll take care of everything else. You can rest assured knowing that your children will be under continuous supervision. Discover the benefits of the Green Zone crèche by signing up for a free three-day pass now.

Group Fitness Joondalup

Need a motivation boost? Join our group fitness classes! Our signature sessions cover a range of workouts with unparalleled fun and freshness. Sign up for one of our classes and enjoy the benefits that group fitness can have upon your health and well-being.

We firmly believe that our members can push other members beyond what they thought was possible through support and encouragement. When you join group fitness classes, you’ll be working with other highly-motivated people who want to get fitter with every trip to the gym. They’re there to inspire and impel you, whether you need technique tips, nutritional information, or a little motivation.

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At Green Zone, we believe in a better approach to fitness. We recognise that each person has distinctive objectives and preferences–as well as workout times, so our gym is open 24/7. We strive to create an inclusive environment that helps high-performing individuals reach their wildest dreams.

Our gym membership options provide all the amenities you need without breaking your budget. We have you covered whether you want to use state-of-the-art cardio equipment, try functional training, or take weight loss classes. That’s because your goals are our goals.

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