Ranging from Pilates to Yoga, our wellness classes are an energising and social way to work up a sweat whilst also offering you a gentle way to keep you fit and flexible.

All of our instructors are qualified, supportive and passionate about what they do. They make it easy for participants of all ages and fitness levels to get motivated and have fun while getting fit!


Build a stable, strong and supple body. Pilates exercise systems systematically strengthen your body whilst building flexibility and spinal mobility. That equates to a body that moves well and feels AMAZING! Pilates fuse body and mind through focused attention on movement and breathing, leaving you centered and relaxed, yet invigorated after each session.


Yoga is a very personal practice and individual journey for everyone who steps onto the mat. Everyone has their reason; some people use it as a form of exercise, for some it is a time of introspection and meditation and others as a form of social enrichment. No matter what gets you on the mat, remember it is an uplifting practice that promotes physical health and mental wellbeing. We will give you a good foundation with introduction to basic yoga poses, breathing techniques and overall personal awareness.

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