Functional Training

Burn Fat with Functional Training Classes!

Are you looking to burn body fat and improve your body composition? Enhance your strength, stability, mobility, endurance and flexibility with our functional training classes.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, functional training focuses on basic movement patterns like pushing, pulling, squatting, rotating, lifting, walking and running. Incorporating exercises into these primary patterns, functional training will give you the edge, enhance your performance and improve your health.Our personal trainers will be on hand the whole time to provide modifications and motivation, helping you achieve your goals.


High-intensity interval training designed to blast calories and burn stored body fat long after you finish working out.

This class incorporates the use of kettle bells, body weight, TRX, battle ropes and other equipment with a focus on muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Intensity: 5/5

Industrial Strength

Be prepared to grit your teeth. Tone up and define your muscles with these time-based movements.

This class incorporates the use of resistance training via barbells, kettle bells, dumbbells, tyres and anything else we can get our hands on, with a focus on strength endurance.

Intensity: 3/5


Get lean and train like a boxer in our boxing conditioning class.

This class incorporates the use of boxing techniques and boxing specific movements with a focus on endurance, cardiovascular fitness, power and agility.

Intensity: 4/5

WOW Class

Our Green Zone trainers earn the rights to their own WOW (workout of the week) class when they establish a significant member following in the gym.

A WOW class combines the best of functional training to give you what they feel is the most fun and effective workout all whilst focusing on fat burning and muscular endurance.

Intensity: 5/5


Not for the faint-hearted, this class is for people who are more technically sound and comfortable lifting heavier weights.

We focus on advanced movements and increasing your overall strength whilst pushing you to your limits. We encourage experienced gym-goers to attend this class. If you want to get involved, ask one of our trainers how you can prepare for GZX.

Intensity: 5/5


High-intensity bodyweight circuit designed to tone, work your core and burn body fat.

You’d be surprised how much you can do with minimal equipment. This functional training class focuses on endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Intensity: 4/5


Get more from your classes and equipment. Learn all the basic movements used across our group fitness classes and get to know the equipment on the main floor of the gym.

Fundamentals will help you participate safely and teach you the proper techniques for the various pieces of functional training equipment. Your confidence levels will soar with regular participation in this class.
Intensity: 2/5

West Coast Barbell

Push through the pain barrier and push your muscles to failure with West Coast Barbell.

Build strength and drive yourself to the limit using only a barbell, pull up bar and body weight. We focus on strength & muscular endurance.

Intensity: 5/5


Circuit based training working your entire body and core.

Kettle bells force you to use your stabilising muscles, making the simplest of movements seem challenging. Test your stability and endurance in this kettlebell class whilst focusing on cardiovascular fitness and strength.

Intensity: 4/5

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